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 Homepage >> Q&A for the Balance Scooter Beginners

 Q&A for the Balance Scooter Beginners

Question 1:
How is the SCV Balance Scooter work?
We adopt dynamic balance control on our SCV(Sensor Controlled Vehicle) Balance Scooter. The gyros and speed sensor inside scooter probe rider body gravity, a micro calculation system analyzes the body gravity change and drive the motor precisely to keep the scooter in good running status.

Question 2:
Where can we use Balance Scooter
The Balance Scooters are not only for urban street, it is also a great skateboard. We can run the balance scooter on wood land path, park, house yard and even in house.

Question 3:
For the SCV beginners, how to drive the balance scooter?
If you are new to our SCV Balance Scooter, read our Instruction Manual. It is a very important step. And then, it will be better you have somebody

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